Not quite Christmas but it is for Jonty!

Updated: Nov 2

My new book Jonty's Christmas is out today. It's on Amazon to buy or read on KU. I hope that if you like it, you might consider leaving me a review. It so helps with visibility!

The Blurb!

Have you ever had something that you’re really looking forward to but dreading at the same time?

Jonty’s always longed for a traditional family Christmas, and his boyfriend Devan thinks it’s the perfect time for Jonty to meet his big, boisterous, Christmas-loving family. But Jonty’s sure Devan’s parents aren’t going to think he’s good enough for their son. He probably isn’t. But he is good for Devan and the arrival of an unexpected guest gives him a chance to prove it.

Jonty never backs down from a challenge. His mouth won’t let him. But his brain is telling him that if he interferes, he might wreck any hope of acceptance. On the other hand, could his reward be the best Christmas present ever?

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