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I know, I know, I'm terrible at keeping in touch. I do blame real life issues which have been difficult to navigate for the last 15 months and are ongoing.

BUT I do have news. FEN - an mm contemporary romance is almost done. Just waiting a bit of proofing. I've written two extra bits as well. One is a story that precedes FEN by six years, called TAKING A RISK and I'll be offering that as a free read in the hope of enticing readers to give FEN a try. I'll be announcing when TAKING A RISK is available shortly. It will be a couple of weeks before the release of FEN.

The other story will be offered a a freebie on this website along with the many others I've written for those who sign up for my newsletter. I'll send you a link to the hidden content if you sign up! That story is called FEN AND RIPLEY IN JAPAN.

Shame on me - I don't even have a blurb for FEN yet but I nearly do. I do however, have a lovely cover, thanks to my cover artist Jay.

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