Seven years ago.

       Fifteen-year-old Raffety’s freaked out from the moment he arrives at summer camp. Something isn’t right about the place, parents, kids and the counsellors. The only good thing is Jonah—and their first kiss.                 Trouble is Jonah’s middle name. He can’t just ignore that Raffety clearly doesn’t belong at the camp, and risks everything to help Raffety escape, even their budding friendship.

       Jonah’s actions have damaging repercussions for both boys. Raffety returns to a very different world than the one he left, one where his mum is terrified of strangers who insist they’re pack. As for Jonah, his father decrees he’s gone too far this time. Jonah’s memories of Rafferty are wiped and he’s exiled to Faerieland.

       Present Day

       Breaking cover for his mum’s funeral lands Raffety back in the claws of the pack. Their alpha has never stopped searching for him and now he’s claiming Raffety’s an omega, prime breeding material. Erm, no way. Raffety would rather eat his own eyeballs. He needs to figure out a way to escape—and quick. Indentured to Paranormal Resolutions for his sins, which happen to be many, Jonah’s ordered to extract a mark from the clutches of a pack of werewolves. The mission fills him with dread: the wolves know his face and his scent. They also know he stole their gold and if they catch him, they’ll eat his guts, with or without ketchup―gulp! But defying his boss isn’t an option. Not if Jonah wants to live.

       Is it chance that Jonah and Raffety end up in the same trap, or is it more? Could fate be giving them both a helping hand, or have they just landed in the worst trouble of their lives?

238418841_4338044732913127_7563343472946348361_n (1).jpg

       When 16-year-old Crispin stumbles across Kennedy’s Emporium, he’s transported into a magical world of the impossible. Unicorns, snow globes where the snow never stops falling, bubbles that never pop, paper fireworks that explode and refill, and most magical of all—Garrett Kennedy, youngest son of the owner, who makes Crispin’s heart leap in new and exciting ways. Crispin promises he’ll never forget Garrett, but when he loses Garrett’s gift of a jewelled bee, he also loses his memories of the time he spent with him. Eight years later, the bee is returned to Crispin, along with memories of Garrett and his amazing world. But how can any of what Crispin now recalls be possible?

       And yet…


       What if it wasn’t a dream?

       What if Kennedy’s Emporium exists?

       What if magic is real?

       What if Garrett’s been waiting, wondering why Crispin never came back?


       And what if Crispin takes a chance on the best thing that’s ever happened to him, assuming he can find Kennedy’s Emporium again?