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Perfect Timing
Bedlingham Series Book 1

When Daisy books a Sixties extravaganza on the internet, she’s thinking hippies and free love. Except she misses one tiny word in the advertisement and ends up at a week-end for over-sixties at Bedlingham Manor.

After sexy hotel manager Jake casts Daisy as a nun in the murder mystery, she is ready to scream and call the weekend off. But then Jake shows up dressed as a priest and it seems he can't wait to uncover the red lace beneath the nun costume.

Jake and Daisy don't expect to fall in love but they discover that their weekend of hot sex might be much more than they bargained for.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…or I'd really like to.

Something About Polly.png

Something About Polly
Bedlingham Series Book 2

An offer she should refuse.
Polly doesn’t expect to win when she bids in a charity auction on a sealed envelope offered by a devilishly handsome marquis. Once the contents of the envelope are revealed, her world turns upside down.

An offer she won’t refuse.
Adrian, Marquis of Shoreham, seems as shocked as Polly when she accepts his offer of WILD SEX. Tall, dark and magnetic, he’s everything Polly wants—except he’s one of the pampered elite she despises, a man who uses his privileged position to gain every advantage. She knows she should walk away and go about her boring, abstinent life. Instead, Polly finds herself walking toward Adrian on London Bridge with nothing but wild sex on her mind. An encounter that will lead to—

An offer she never expected.

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