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Huge Giveaway starting 1st January

Along with over 200+ authors, I'm taking part in a Prolific Works giveaway that runs from the 1st of January to the 10th. There will be stories for everyone, contemporary, paranormal, fantasy..... I'll be sharing a link once it goes live!

My story is called Where Forever Started

Have-a-go hero Barney really should have used his patented superpower—his Very Loud Scream—and not chanced his wobbly, faux bravado. Now he’s dodging a posse of angry yobs, his head reeling from more than the missile that just hit him. Just who is this stranger sprinting at his side?

By the time it’s safe for him and Raf to emerge from their refuge, there’s a definite connection between them. And yet there’s something about Raf’s story that doesn’t quite add up. Will Barney's I-dared-to-believe dreams go up in smoke or is this New Year’s Eve the one Where Forever Started?

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