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The Mission Out Today

Release day for my Christmas story.

Snow! Tick.

Skiing! Tick.

Christmas! Tick.

Stalker! Er…

When Conrad and his ex split up three months before their upcoming work ski trip, Conrad’s unwavering passion for the slopes overshadows his reservations about a holiday anywhere near his ex and his new partner. But as ‘friends’ keep hinting he should cancel, he wishes he’d seen sense earlier. Now it’s too late to get his money back.

A clash of heads at check-in with a handsome stranger sets Conrad’s heart racing. Arlo is bound for the same Austrian resort, sparking Conrad’s daydreams of shared slopes, shared après-ski, shared hot tubs and more…while fully aware that spotting Arlo in the mountains will be almost impossible.

Little does Conrad know Arlo has orchestrated this moment. Now all Arlo has to do is convince Conrad he has the best of intentions. After all, if they don’t click by the end of the flight, Conrad will never know he’s been stalked.

I'd also like to show you my three favourite reads of 2023 - Difficult decision!!

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