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Sorry and sorry

Real life has interfered yet again with my writing. It can't be helped. Family comes first and at last a nanny has been found so by the end of September, my life is my own again. Well, mostly.

I'm making good progress on Dominic's story and do hope it will be finished soon. I'm glad now that I took out an actual release date from the back of He's The One because I don't work well under deadlines.

The two Christmas stories just need extending, then I can get back to Kian's Monster. So many projects and not enough time that is totally mine. I've been painting at daughter's, sadly obliterating a mural in the boys' room because they want something different. It took 2 special undercoats and two top coats to lose the fish, the seaweed, the manta and the whale. I can't wait to see what replaces them. Watch this space!

Old room below!

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