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Release Day!

Hold On was a tricky book to write. How to redeem a murderer? The book also required a lot of research about prisons and secure psychiatric hospitals. I had to take liberties with the way things operate in these establishments. Some information was impossible to obtain so I had to guess. I don't like guessing. I like to be sure of my facts but I did my best.

I hope you'll give the story a chance. It isn't necessary to have read book one - He's the One - before Hold On, but of course the second book does take up where the first leaves off so....

I've been busy preparing The Mission - the expanded Christmas story which will be out on the 11th Nov. A Spaceman Came Travelling will be out on the 1st Dec but I'm not going to finish another book before the end of the year. I'm still dithering on how to proceed with my sci fi story but in the meantime I've started a new book and have written one chapter!

Please consider leaving a review when you read any of my books. It really helps with visibility on Amazon.

Thank you!

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