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Rainbow Advent Calendar - Day 3

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

A free story from me! On third of December!!!!

It's my turn to post details of my story which can be found here -

If you have any problems downloading it from Prolific works, let me know and I'll try and get it to you in another way. (though probably not today as I'm helping with a 7 year olds superhero birthday party)

The story is called

The Mission

Snow! Tick

Skiing! Tick

Stalker! Er...

But maybe all stalkers aren't bad.

This is the Facebook link to the group

And this is the link that tells you about all the other stories which will be published in the run up to Christmas.

I hope you enjoy mine. I LOVE the artwork that my cover artist has made for the story. Thanks Jay!

I have many Christmas stories but the two I wrote this year are The Santa Problem and This is Real. The Santa Problem is a light-hearted paranormal story with lots of feels! This is Real is a coming out story - maths nerd meets movie star. Lots of snow in both!

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