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Plodding on

I'm over halfway through the next book in the Unfinished Business series and I feel like I'm plodding. I suspect that might have more to do with 'real life' than my writing. There is always something to stress about and while I seem to be pretty good at persuading others not to worry, I don't convince myself. LOL

I love writing. I don't love everything that goes along with it. I feel as if I'm always chasing ways to be seen, to be read and I'm always behind the curve. Book trailers were in - I couldn't attempt them. Now they're not in fashion, yes, I can manage them fine. I tried with Instagram - failed. I can't get the hang of Pinterest. I tried with TikTok and I can't even download it on my phone. I tweet into the void on Twitter. I post intermittently on here.

I need a kick! Since I'm writing about horses, that might well happen! LOL

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