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Life and its downs

I don't tend to share personal info on my blog but I wanted to explain my month's silence. And yet, I can't explain because it's not my story to tell. All I can say is that it's family issues involving my daughter and her three lovely little children. I've been living with them for a month trying to help them put their lives back on track and it's been exhausting. I've not only not written anything, but I've not been able to read either. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully things will get better.

I do have a story that I was working on pre-issues and I hope to get back to that soon. It features Col who's a stonemason and Theo who's a bit of a mystery. I also have another story part written called Kian's Monster. I hope both of the books will be published this year.

Love to everyone who's going through a hard time.

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