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Jonty and Devan's Big Day

preorder here Release date 20th May

There's also a little freebie - a prequel here on Prolific Works - prequel to J and D’s Big Day

It’s going to be the day of their lives—their wedding, their way, where it all started: The Dunes Hotel in Northumberland. But from the moment the planning starts, Jonty is overwhelmed. When Devan’s mother starts making suggestions, Jonty’s mouth runs away with him and his inner Groomzilla is in danger of escaping. But it’s when Jonty goes quiet that Devan knows he’s in trouble.

Devan’s not going to let his mother spoil their perfect day. Suddenly, he’s a man on a mission. The venue? Booked. The guest list? A secret. The stag do? In Cato’s somewhat dodgy hands. Devan’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure Jonty gets what he wants. Even if that includes alpacas and penguins and the Northern Lights in the middle of summer. Now it’s time to prove he is the Best Fiancé in the Entire Multiverse.

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