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Final book written in Lost and Found series

Broken Things is done. It's now in the hands of my beta readers and once they have given me their feedback, I can tweak. Phew. I have a long list of things that need doing and writing the blurb is high on the list. My least favorite thing to do. I can rattle off 100,000 words but ask me to sum up why you should read the book and my mind goes blank.

All four books in this series are standalone stories with unique main characters and plots that only last for that book. The link is the paranormal enforcement agency that all the main characters either work for or will work for by the end of the story. But this last book brings all characters in from the earlier books - a last hurrah - so it's probably best read after the others.

I like writing paranormal tales but I do generally set most of them in the contemporary world. There might be the odd visit to hell, heaven, faerieland etc but most of the action takes place in the world we recognise.

I was able to bring a character into this book that I'd first introduced in Archangel's Assassin. So if you wanted to meet West again - you will in Broken Pieces.

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