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Double Trouble out today

This book starts off with a summer camp! Years ago I started to write a children's story about a summer camp for vampires, werewolves, faeries, shifters etc and then was distracted by another project. But those 5 chapters were on my laptop waiting and finally, I found I needed them for a grown-up story. Well, I needed one of them. The rest - well maybe they'll make it into a Young Adult story one day. If I don't get distracted.

Double Trouble is a second chances story, full of action and humour. I had fun writing it. It's the first in a 4 book series - Lost and Found - but all the books can be read as standalones, except maybe the last - though I'm only at the point of making notes for it at the moment. The link between the books is a supernatural agency Paranormal Resolutions - which is where characters work or will work.

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