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Done and nearly done

Life is still a bit of mess family-wise but I have finished first draft of He's the One - now with alpha/beta readers. Hopefully out in June.

I thought you might be interested in a bit of the story that involves a Roman coin.

I had to do some research on what coin might have been found by my hero and came up with a Crispus. Crispus Caesar was a son of Emperor Constantine. Crispus was a loyal soldier, had fought in his father's wars and appeared to be a good son. But Constantine's second wife accused Crispus of raping her. Constantine had Crispus poisoned to death. Then had his wife boiled alive. Scholars aren't sure of who did what - in this whodunnit. Whether the rape ever happened, if others were scheming etc. I think we'll never know the truth.

All I can think is poor Crispus - who had a wife and two children of his own and was likely innocent. But I might be wrong.

I told husband the story and he bought me a Crispus. A bronze coin dating back to 317 - 326 AD It wasn't expensive for something so old. But a treasure to me! Sorry the pic isn't clearer but I don't want to take it out of the packet.

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