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Christmas in March

Well, it isn't, but I'm 43,000 words into a Christmas story, mostly because if I left writing one until I'd finished my next book, I'd feel under pressure and I don't like writing under pressure. So I've just been describing a Christmas dinner and Christmas presents and it feels very strange.

This is going to be a paranormal story, but like all my other paranormal tales, set in a recognisable contemporary world. The difficulty I'll have when it's done, is not to publish it straight away. The main characters are called Fabian and Garrett. I love them already.

This is an unedited snippet! Possibly entitled What If?

Garrett was late and his father was going to be furious. He was supposed to be back before nightfall and it was way past that, and entirely his fault. He’d miscalculated how long it would take to get from the cinema to the Emporium. Bloody London traffic. As he ran down the road, dodging pedestrians, he tried to think up a lie that his father would believe because if he discovered Garrett had spent the afternoon watching a film about a battle in outer space, that would be the last time Garrett was allowed out.

He had solved the issue he’d been sent to deal with, just not in the way he was supposed to. Liam Flanagan was currently on his way out of the capital, destination unknown—safer for both of them—and no longer a thorn in anyone’s side, as long as the idiot managed to keep his head down and not do any more magic. He’d have to find another way to impress the ladies. Garrett wasn’t impressed by Liam’s winsome smile. The guy had no idea how lucky he was that Garrett’s brother hadn’t been sent to deal with him.

Garrett wasn’t far from his destination when it started to snow. He tipped back his head to look up into the swirling flakes, then took a quick glance both ways to check the road was clear, only for his gaze to snag on someone he’d never expected to see again. He froze in shock. Is it really him? Only thinking of getting closer and making sure he wasn’t seeing things, Garrett stepped straight into the side of a passing car. As he was tossed into the air, three things went through his mind.

This is going to hurt.

Now I’ll never know if I was right or not.

But I have a good excuse for being late.

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