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Broken Pieces

This is the title of the last book in the Lost and Found series and it's about Tar - head of PR - Paranormal Resolutions - the agency that deals with issues involving the paranormal community. The first part of this book is currently about Tar when he's 15 years old. The other main character is 8. OBVIOUSLY there is no romantic connection between them. I hope readers won't be unhappy to read about the boys' early lives because it plays into what follows.

With a series title like Lost and Found, it was inevitable that there would be back story on the main players. I set myself up for it LOL I used the word -currently- above because I might change my mind about the ages. I'm 60,000+ words into the story - so a way to go yet. Because I don't plot - I have no idea what is going to happen from one page to the next. When the plot isn't straightforward - this can cause issues - sleepless nights, backtracking, rethinks... Every time I try to explain the story, it sounds more and more complex. I don't think it is, but my alpha reader will tell me!

At the same time as writing this, I'm also writing a Jonty novella! No complications with the plot of that!

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