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#Best seller on Amazon US and UK!

Thanks to all of you who bought or borrowed a copy of Tell No One. I managed to get an orange banner from Amazon in America and in the UK and I am thrilled!

There has been a bit of discussion about part of the story - the party in particular and whether I should have given any warnings about it. I asked in my Facebook group and opinion was mixed. I decided against a warning in the end because this is not a BDSM book. The MCs are only participating in the 'party' because they are undercover. I did see one comment that I was kink shaming and I'm absolutely not. It isn't a book about BDSM or the particular kink that I go into details about. I made NO comments that would suggest there is anything wrong with having that kink, it's just that my two characters have no interest in it.

I've never written a BDSM book and I likely never will. I have mentioned it in other books, - Summer Girl, Winter Boy springs to mind - but I don't know enough about the lifestyle to want to write a whole story about it.

Tell No One is a thriller - with undercover operatives and I hope an exciting denouement!

Two of the minor characters needed a bit more of a story - so I wrote them one. If you want to read it, please sign up on the contact page to get access to a section of this website that has several more stories - including some Jonty shorts.

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