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If you've tried to get to this site over the last ten or so days and not been able to, sorry. I was hacked. Money was charged to my bank account and this site vanished. After a lot of stress, multiple telephone calls and emails, Wix was eventually able to restore it today. Whoopee!

The third book in my Lost and Found series - Inbetweeners - will be released on the 20th January.

This is an MM paranormal romantic suspense - with a lot of humour. An opposites attract angel v demon story with a HEA - do I even need to tell you that? LOL


An angel and a demon walk into a bar…

It should be the start of a joke, except Emmett and Phoenix loathe each other the moment they meet. Reluctant and mismatched partners they may be, but they’ve been given a job to do on Earth: persuade the newly dead to move on to wherever they’re destined to go.

A friendly word here, a nudge there, all the dead should need is a push in the right direction—but dark forces are working against the pair, and the mission takes a dangerous turn.

From hate at first sight, to toleration, to something more… Except time is running out, and soon Emmett and Phoenix will be torn apart and returned to the worlds from which they came. That’s not what they want, and neither is willing to go back without a fight…

…. Because even though they're dead, they've never felt more alive.

All the books in the series can be read as standalones. They are linked by PR – Paranormal Resolutions, which is an agency policing supernaturals. The books have some overlapping characters.

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