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Add A Catchy Title

When I come to write a blog post - not often enough, I know, sorry - those four words are at the top of the page. Add a catchy title. If only it was easy.

I finally came up with a title for my Christmas story - This Is Real - it fits and I'm happy with it, but I didn't come to terms with that as a title until late in the book.

The next title I needed was for a work in progress - now finished - that I named Tag after one of the main csharacters. Book was written and in edits before I came up with Tell No One - it's not perfect but I'm going with it.

Now I'm writing another Christmas one because This Is Real - while set at Christmas - didn't feel Christmassy enough to me. Before I'd written one word of it, I had a title - The Santa Problem.

This is just to show you that coming up with titles can be ridiculously easy or a struggle!

No real fixed dates for release of any of these three and The Santa Problem is only 20,000 words so far - though it will be a novella. But November for This Is Real, December for The Santa Problem and I hope for October for Tell No One. A busy autumn.

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