I finally finished Reinventing Cato - and without tweaks it's almost 104,000. I really didn't think it would be as long as that, but there we go.

Don't use one word when ten will do Elsborg - strikes again.

I have no blurb. Those who know me will recognise that bleating complaint. I find them very hard to write. When it's just taken me months to tell Cato's story, summing up in 300 words what it is that makes this book worth reading - is nowhere in my head. Oh to just be able to say - READ THIS. YOU'LL LIKE IT!

Soon, all 104,000 words will be in the hands of my beta readers. For those of you who don't know what they are, they read a rough-ish version and make suggestions as to what works and what doesn't. Sometimes pointing out grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes or inadvertent Americanisms slipping in, but generally giving a thumbs up or down. They look for timeline errors, character slips - brown hair or not? That sort of thing. They tell me what makes them laugh, what makes them cry and I can either breathe a sigh of relief or gnash my teeth. I have several beta readers who all bring something different to the table and I'm grateful for all advice and suggestions whether I listen or not.

This book also required help from the police and astrophysicists. I was lucky enough to find people willing to answer questions. Brave souls. Even the dumb question - do astrophysicists actually look through telescopes? The answer will surprise most of you, I suspect. It did me.

Well, I need a blurb. I need a cover and I need to reread. But I'm hoping to publish in late February.

I hope you picked up my free story from Prolific Works. The giveaway ends today but I'll be putting the tale on Smashwords in a day or so and it will be on Apple, Kobo and Barnes and Noble too.

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