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January 12, 2017

An old novella of mine - Snowplay - has now come back under my control. I've revised it, re-edited it and given it a new cover. I don't usually enjoy rereading my stuff once I've let it fly but I did enjoy this one. It was based on a trip I made under a glacier but luckily - what happened to Allie, didn't happen to me. But I did find myself desperate to get out, once I was in!






Single on a couples’ getaway?
Not the way to spend a holiday skiing in the Alps. Even worse, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Allie, the odd woman out, leaves her paired up friends behind as she takes a tour under a glacier and ends up trapped in the dark. Cold and alone, she resigns herself to a night of misery with no prospect of a Valentine’s night kiss. Maybe no kiss ever again.
Zach’s working for a friend at the top of an Austrian mountain. It isn’t what he should be doing but he messed up, let people down and now everyone’s pissed off with him. Though not as pissed off as he is with himself. When he discovers unclaimed skis after the mountain has closed, he follows his instincts and finds far more than he bargained for.

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