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Not Over Yet - out today

This looks like a Christmas story, and it is one, but with a difference! Available on Amazon and KU. If you read it and like it, please leave me a review. It really helps me become more visible as an author.

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…

One pissed off Santa…

A whole heap of trouble…

The last thing Phin feels like doing is going to a New Year’s Eve party. After a day dealing with sick animals, all he wants is a glass of red wine, some food and his bed. But as he drives home down a steep, snow-covered hill, he skids and hits a guy dressed as Santa Claus.

Maric’s not badly hurt, but he’s pissed off. He’s pretty sure Phin’s not the one he’s supposed to find, but when Phin takes him to his cottage, and Maric sees no sign of festivities, he begins to wonder if Phin is the one who needs his help.

Much as Phin would like to get rid of Maric, the thickly falling snow makes it too dangerous for Phin to drive him anywhere. The pair are stuck together, which suits Maric just fine. Now all he needs is luck and a bit of magic.

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