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Hello out there!

I am so ashamed of the scarcity of my posts! Sorry to the one person who loves to read about what I've been up to. Well, there might be two people.

What difference has Covid 19 made to my life? Well, my daughter had it and was very ill but is fine now. She thinks one of her kids had it too, but he's fine as well. We do know several of our friends who've had it but all are fine. We're lucky!

As for daily life - it's hardly affected mine. My husband does all the shopping because I hate doing it. I've been writing as much as I usually do and have managed to complete a 109,000 word novel called - The Making of Jonty Bloom and also a 30,000 word Christmas story called - until I can think of something better - Jonty's Christmas. The Jonty story will be one of a short series using characters I'd introduced so I'm about to start writing Tay's story - tentatively titled - A Long Way Back.

For those who have Nooks and not Kindles, I've taken a few books off Kindle Unlimited and put them on Smashwords so they will be on B&N, Kobo, Apple etc too. So far - that is Kiss Interrupted, A Faerie Story, Talking Trouble, Second Chance, Drawn In, Archangel's Assassin and Cowboys Down. Obviously they're still available on Amazon too but now in other formats!


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