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Advent Calendar Story

Thank you to Alex Jane for organising the Advent Event - stories for every day up to Christmas by a whole range of authors. The 16th is my time to post. It just so happens that I'll be on a plane for a large chunk of that day and the day after!

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And my story is The Choice

A party that's not what it seems. A guy who's not what he seems. A choice to make!

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The Choice

Scene One

Get in the zone!

Jago strolled along the street, then took a deep breath and stopped by the shop window. He put on his most brilliant smile, the one that got him noticed, though not always for the right reason. But his smile quickly turned genuine. Who could fail to be impressed by the cakes on display? They looked like works of art. Definitely too good to eat. Designers had gone wild with their sugar-paste creations: a towering fairy tale castle, Santa stuck in a chimney, elves having a picnic in the snow, a city skyline with reindeer flying through the air overhead. Jago couldn’t see how they were held in place, presumably by some sort of practical magic of transparent dowels and invisible thread.

A mince pie would be as near as Jago would get to cake this Christmas because none of these were sold by the slice. Maybe they weren’t even cakes, just cardboard constructions covered with sugar-paste and marzipan. Jago became suddenly aware that a guy had cleared his throat—twice, and he spun round. Shit. Too busy being distracted to— He gulped.

A square of silver-edged card was thrust into his hand. “This is for you!”

Jago’s jaw dropped until he registered he must look like an idiot and quickly snapped it shut. The guy by his side was tall with sharp features, black hair that flopped on his forehead and dark eyes that had Jago mesmerised, and beautiful enough to make Jago’s long-suffering heart give a painful thump.

“Aren’t you c-c-c-cold?” spurted from his mouth before he could stop it and his arm twitched. Fuck.

The guy wore next to nothing, just a thin, loose white shirt and pale jeans. It was cold enough to snow; the BBC weather girl had predicted it, and Jago was muffled up in his long dark coat, his blue-and-red-checked scarf wrapped around his neck and he was still freezing.

“My blood runs warm. I don’t feel the cold.” The stranger brushed the back of his fingers down Jago’s cheek and Jago blushed.

The guy nodded toward the card Jago held. “You must come. Don’t disappoint me.” He gave Jago a seductive electric smile, then walked away.

Jago gaped after him open mouthed—yet again. Lips together, idiot. But those long legs went on forever, and that narrow waist, tight arse and…

Remember where you are!

He lifted the invitation to the light pouring from the window and read it out loud. After a fashion. His stutter seemed to be worse than usual. For a fraction of a second, he’d wondered if it was going to be an invite to some lecture about how to turn his life around in three easy lessons, and all the rest had been some sort of trick. But no, when he read it again, it was still a party invite, except he hadn’t remembered the seeing the last two words the first time around.

One night only. At Dante’s Sinferno

A Christmas Extravaganza!

Dress to surprise

Dress to impress

Dress to seduce

Please come!

Why not? Jago had wondered, showing that thought on his face while his head swirled with hopes of the pleasure to come, and his bloody arm twitched again. He slipped the invite into his pocket. He hadn’t been invited to any Christmas parties. This one didn’t count because he was being paid.

Scene Two

Stay in the zone!

With his long white-blond hair—dyed from his normal sludgy blond—Jago looked striking whatever he wore, but tonight he knew he’d stand out. He wore an almost translucent robe over tight silver trousers, accessorised by dangly star earrings, a shimmering choker and white furry antlers. God, I love these antlers. It was tricky to get them to sit properly on his head—he’d pinned them in place with a struggle—but they looked so cool.

He handed in his long coat at the club door and headed toward the loud thumping music, hands in his pockets to try and stop his arm going into spasm. When he walked into the room, every face turned his way, but to his consternation, no one looked happy to see him. What had changed between now and yesterday when he’d had the call to tell him he was in?

Because they heard me stutter, saw me twitch. His heart sank. Maybe he was just one of many and now they’d seen he was defective, he was no longer needed. His self-confidence was shaky at the best of times and now it took a nose-dive. He had his invitation clutched in his hand and he found himself screwing it up.

To his additional disappointment, almost everyone was wearing an amazing costume, so he wasn’t going to stand out, just blend in. Why did everyone look increasingly pissed off with him? He hadn’t even done anything. Yet. He curled his toes in his boots to stop himself from running. At least wait until you’ve been paid. His instructions had been quite clear. Be normal, be natural. Do whatever feels right.

What felt right was to leave. Fuck this. He obviously wasn’t wanted. He was rarely wanted anywhere. But before he could take a step back the way he’d come, thin silver chains encircled his body and he was spun round to find himself facing the guy who’d given him the invite. The white shirt had been replaced by a red military-style jacket with silver buttons. At the guy’s back were huge black wings and his hands were claws with sharp red nails. But at least he was smiling and that smile turned on Jago’s.

“I c-came,” Jago said.

Eyebrows rose. “Already?”

Jago’s face burned. He was fairly sure his blush wouldn’t be obvious amid the flashing lights but a clawed finger ran down his cheek and he had to fight not to shudder, a reaction borne of a mix of fear and longing. Longing won.

“I’m Dev.”


“I know. You’re for me.”

Jago’s heart bounced for joy.

The guy hadn’t taken his eyes off him. His smile widened as he raked Jago with his gaze from his boots up, and finally took in his antlers. “You really are a rare exotic creature.”

Jago’s cock hardened. His voice. So smooth and… Oh God. If this guy dropped his gaze now, he’d see the outline of Jago’s cock in the skin-tight silver trousers. Maybe they hadn’t been such a good choice.

Stay in the zone!

“The antlers are f-fake,” Jago said.

Dev laughed.

Why was this guy making him say stupid things? Don’t blame him. It’s you. Lust-drunk.

“You look delicious.” Dev ran his tongue over his upper lip.

Jago felt as if he was being licked. He wanted to be licked. More than licked. Consumed. His balls tightened.

“Your c-costume’s great,” Jago mumbled. Though he wasn’t too sure about the claws. He didn’t want to be consumed that much.

Dev pulled Jago’s hands from his pockets and took hold of his left hand with both of his. Jago braced for the touch of claws but all he felt were soft fingers caressing his palm, massaging the front and back of his hand, before sliding up his arm so slowly, so carefully that Jago found it difficult to breathe, impossible to tear his gaze from Dev’s face.

“You’re sweet,” Dev whispered. “Cute. Perfect.”

A lie was normally the cue for his arm to twitch, and it didn’t. But Dev didn’t mean it. This was just pretend. Throwaway words. Throwaway actions. Though Jago wanted to believe otherwise. He sighed. I’m a fool to expect more. He’d never felt more like the amateur he was.

Dev turned Jago so that he leaned back against him, then wrapped his arms around his chest, his wings feathering Jago’s legs, tickling even through the material of Jago’s trousers. The hard of press of Dev’s cock against his arse made Jago’s heart sing and his breathing catch.

“How do your wings stay on?” Jago asked.

Dev laughed. “How do your antlers stay on?”


Dev nuzzled Jago’s neck. “Like them to stay on for good?”

“What? And poke someone’s eye out?” He imagined himself walking around the supermarket in any month other than December. He’d be asking for trouble.

“So what about your wings?” Jago asked. “They’re big and look heavy. How do they stay on?” Why didn’t I stutter?

“I’m not wearing a costume.”


Dev licked Jago’s ear and Jago almost forgot what he’d asked. I’m going to come in my trousers. Fuck!

“The shirt and jeans were my costume.” Dev trailed his tongue around the shell of Jago’s ear.

Oh fuckfuckfuckfuck. I love having my ears played with. Jago felt as though his brain cells were melting. A moan slipped from his lips. A soft moan, then a louder one and Jago’s eyes fluttered closed.

A loud hiss from Dev made Jago open his eyes again and he saw several people advancing on them but Dev hissed again, tightened his hold on Jago, and they backed off. Jago gave a shaky exhalation.

“Frightened?” Dev asked.

“Anxious. Why are they angry with me?”

“Because you’re different. Because I want you.” His hand slid over Jago’s crotch and squeezed. “Though we can only have one night.”

Even though he hadn’t expected to hear anything different, even though he’d known he wouldn’t hear anything different, those words still hurt. Where the fuck is the zone now? Without it Jago had no protection. He knew he needed to cut off all emotion but he couldn’t. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! And he hadn’t even shown what he could do. I can make you happy! Let me show you I’m worth more than one night.

Hope faded. Disappointment slunk back in. Jago always hoped. Even in a situation like this. The right guy was out there—somewhere. In a café, a club, a queue for a bus, the library, the supermarket. Why not here?

There would be no Christmas miracle. He’d been a fool to dream there might be. This was a mistake. I’ve changed my mind. He no longer wanted to be here, money or not. It was a reminder of how no one truly wanted him. Jago was tired of being used and cast aside, tired of pretending, but when he tried to move away, claws dug into his chest and thigh. Hard enough to hurt though not hard enough to draw blood—hopefully. There was a moment’s panic that Dev would go too far, before Jago relaxed. Too many witnesses.

Unless this was more of a set-up than he’d imagined, everyone in on what was happening apart from him. That wasn’t unusual. Dev’s wings felt warm, stroking Jago’s hips and belly. How the hell had he managed that? Inbuilt heating elements? But they’re so soft. The guy’s lips settled on Jago’s neck and Jago leaned to give him better access. His head was fogging with lust, his cock straining against his zip. No way was he going to last, and that would be a disaster.

The way Dev’s wings wrapped around him hid the way he was caressing Jago’s groin. It felt as though his fingers were actually wrapped around his cock and that wasn’t possible.

“You’re going to make me come,” Jago whispered. “We’re not supp—”

“I really want you,” Dev whispered back.

Oh God. Lust rushed through Jago’s body, surging from his toes to the antlers on his head. Along with desire came the dawning realisation of the impossible actually being possible. Maybe? Perhaps? Did Dev mean it that he really wanted him? Or was he just in the zone?

Of course he’s in the zone.

“Will you be my toy for the night?” Dev said in a louder voice, one that would be picked up. “Will you let me show you that although I can be extraordinarily cruel, I can also be exquisitely kind?”

Dev turned him in his arms, still keeping those wings around him and Jago drowned in the darkest of eyes. They were like bottomless pools and Jago sank deeper and deeper. They sucked the truth from his mind, that Dev could do almost anything he wanted except… He remembered what he needed to say, what he’d been told to say. “Don’t kill me.”

Dev’s smile both chilled and reassured. “Even if you beg me to?”

Oh fuck. Jago wasn’t answering that. Not for any money.

Scene Three

Play in the zone!

Jago found himself standing in a wood where every tree was empty of leaves but full of tiny white lights. He gave a quiet gasp. How the fuck had had that happened? Had he passed out or something? He’d had nothing to drink so he hadn’t been slipped a drug. Snow fell from the sky but it wasn’t cold. Fake snow, you idiot. But it looked real. Felt real. When a flake caught on Dev’s lip, Jago licked it off. Tastes real. His reward was a loud groan.

Dev tugged the antlers from Jago’s head and tossed them aside. “What else can I remove?”

“No blinding, dismemberment, disembowelment or beheading. No fingernail removal. Oh God, I am bound to have forgotten something. Don’t take my voice, my hearing, my sight…” Jago gasped as he found himself sprawled naked on a bed, still in the woods, the snow still falling. Where had his clothes gone?

I have to be drugged. Somehow, he must have been slipped something. From Dev’s lips? But they hadn’t kissed. His claws! I’m an idiot. Whatever the drug was, it had made time skip.

Jago couldn’t see anyone else around but they had to be there. Some of them at least.

Another change in perception and Dev was naked too, his wings and claws gone. A beautiful body, perfectly honed, and an erect cock. No body hair, not even a treasure trail. Jago was scrawny in comparison. He couldn’t afford the gym. He did his exercises in his room and walked a lot. My arm isn’t twitching. I’m not stuttering.

Dev leaned over him. What are you? The question lay on Jago’s tongue but he didn’t ask it. It wasn’t something he was supposed to say, though he’d said plenty he wasn’t supposed to. He did want to ask about condoms and lube but as he started to push the words out, Dev planted his knees either side of Jago’s hips, lowered his mouth and kissed him. Jago had expected hard and possessive, but it was the deepest, sweetest, most breath-stealingly intense kiss he’d ever had. Dev lowered his weight onto Jago and the kiss continued. Jago slid his hands to Dev’s backside and that felt perfect too. And when the kiss went lower, Jago forgot to breathe.

A trail of wet kisses down his chest to his cock and Jago felt like a firework with the fuse burning down. Dev’s mouth was… Jago moaned, groaned, cried out, wailed while Dev wrapped him in his thrall. Jago’s hands were fisting Dev’s hair, trying not to pull too hard but knowing he was, so he forced himself to let go and instead settled his fingers on Dev’s cheeks. He could feel his cock in the guy’s mouth. Fuuuuck.

Dev mouthed his balls, sucked on them, played with them, and Jago thought he might have managed the impossible and was levitating because he couldn’t feel the bed beneath him. Whatever Dev did, pushed him higher. The more that talented tongue stroked, licked, darted and danced, the more Jago writhed. His fingers were back in Dev’s hair and he clung on as if he were riding a roller coaster. He sort of was. Dev was winding him up, letting him down, then pulling him up again. Edging in a way Jago had never experienced before.

Jago really wished he could touch Dev’s cock, but every time he reached, Dev knocked his hand away.

Dev raised his head. “Trust me.”

Jago’s throat thickened.

“Trust me,” Dev whispered, his eyes full of… Pain? “I need that from you.”

Jago still hesitated. “Trust you in what?”

“Tell me you trust me or leave here right now full only of the memories of the mistake you’ve made.”

Jago managed not to ask if he’d still get paid though the words were bubbling up. Trust. The basis of a relationship. Without trust, love didn’t stand a chance. Without trust, love was eroded. Jago wanted to trust. He kept trusting. He kept getting hurt, but he still believed there was a chance for love, and it was Christmas after all. He had a dead-end job in a cheap clothes store, he lived in a tiny bedsit and had no good friends. His life was empty, had been empty until this point. He’d longed for something different to happen and now it had. Be fucking brave.

“I trust you.” Then he swallowed hard. Even if I’m an idiot.

Dev’s smile lit up his entire face and it felt to Jago as if the lights in the trees shone brighter to match Dev’s smile. Jago’s body was twisted, turned, caressed and adored until he was begging for Dev to fuck him.



“I have to come.”


But still Dev played with him, teasing and tormenting until Jago could barely breathe with wanting.

“You’re so cute,” Dev muttered against Jago’s backside.

“Are you talking to my arse?”

“I want to bite it.”

“Well, remember I have to sit on it.”

Dev laughed and rolled him onto his back. Jago’s cock wept precome and Dev licked it up, moaning as he did so. “You taste divine.

Even when Dev’s claws reappeared and Jago felt them slice across his stomach—they can’t be real but they look real, feel real, and that looks like blood—fuck, fuck—his need to come didn’t diminish. Pain seemed to heighten his desire.

“Are you a demon?” Jago croaked. “Dev for Devil?”

Dev laughed. “Dev for Dev.” He dropped his mouth to the cuts on Jago’s belly, lapped at them, then kissed him. When he lifted his head, his lips were smeared with blood and when he leaned up, Jago raised his head and licked the blood off. Tastes like blood.

“Vampire?” Jago asked.

Dev laughed again. “If I was, would you still want me?”

Jago gave the question some thought. He could have just said yes, gone with the flow, been in the zone, but he thought about what that might mean.

Dev brushed the hair from Jago’s eyes. “Wise boy.”

“I don’t want to be a vampire. I like chocolate too much.”

Dev chuckled.

“I trust you,” Jago whispered. “I don’t care what you are. Not tonight. Fuck me. Make me come.”

“You don’t care what I am?”

“You’re Dev. You’re here with me. You’ve made every part of me want you.”

“And every part of me wants you.”

Jago’s legs were pushed up, the entrance to his body exposed and Dev’s eyes seemed to shimmer with silver. No condom and I’m a fool but… There’d been no lube but it didn’t feel like that. Dev slid into Jago so deep and smooth, that it felt as if they were made for each other. There was lube of some sort but Jago hadn’t seen it. Dev’s cock was maybe a bit longer than average, but it felt to Jago as if it was lengthening inside him, that Dev was pushing more and more of himself into him, threads twisting and turning until they wrapped around his heart.

Finally, they lay joined together, Dev breathing heavily into Jago’s face and Jago not breathing at all.

“Breathe,” Dev whispered and Jago sucked in a gulp of air. “I did promise not to kill you.”

“No you didn’t, but please don’t. I want you to do this again.”

Dev smiled, pulled back and began to fuck him and Jago slipped deep into ecstasy, the repetitive caressing of his prostate akin to giving him teasing morsels of cake with the whole slice promised. There were more cuts, claws pressing into Jago’s sides and his shoulders but pleasure always followed pain. Even pain held pleasure because it pleased Dev and Jago wanted more than anything to please him.

The words he whispered in Jago’s ear swirled around in his head, heightening the delight of his body. Words of adoration, words he’d never had anyone say to him before.

And… “Wait, wait,” Dev repeated.

And somehow Jago waited.

And finally, “Now,” Dev ordered.

Jago’s body tightened, tensed to snapping point and he erupted with a loud wail, ribbons of come spurting all over his stomach and chest, even reaching as far as his lips. Dev smiled and kept fucking him, beyond any length of time that any lover had reached before. Dev went on and on, his face lit in pleasure, his energy boundless, his technique faultless and Jago’s cock hardened again, much to his amazement.

Jago was turned, twisted, moved into endless positions and fucked in all of them. He sucked his own cock. He sucked Dev’s. They sucked each other’s. Jago came again, and impossibly again, his mind side-slipping into another dimension where everything was the same but different. Until finally—finally Dev’s wings emerged along with his claws and he exploded into Jago with howls of delight, flooding Jago’s body so that liquid heat surged down every artery and vein and set him on fire.

Scene Four

Zone ending

They lay entwined on the bed, staring into each other’s eyes, snow falling onto them, covering them like the softest of blankets and not melting. What are you? Jago feared if he asked that question now, he’d be swept away and never see Dev again.

Doubts scurried back like insistent mice. This isn’t real. You know it’s not.

Dev ran his finger along a cut on Jago’s arm. “You tear so easily.”

“I’ll heal.”

“I don’t want you marked.”

“Can you get rid of my appendix scar too?”

Dev laughed and drew a claw up Jago’s groin. “One night. I should have known it wouldn’t be enough.” The smile slipped from his face.

“Why did you choose me?” Jago whispered. “You had pages of guys to choose from. What do you see?”

“The most beautiful boy in the world. The most visible yet invisible boy. A boy with a heart waiting to be filled. A boy with no family, few friends. But a boy who dares to be different. A boy prepared to trust when he knew he shouldn’t. I would worship you.”

Jago’s heart thumped hard.

Dev breathed into Jago’s ear. “One night unless…”

“Unless what?”

“You choose to be with me forever.” Dev moved back and stared into his eyes. “Stay with me for all time. Leave your world behind. Live in my world. Choose me.”

Not in the script, such as it was. Jago’s pulse raced. “I choose you.”

“And cut,” Tony, the director, shouted. “That was great guys. Well done. Very hot.”

Dev pushed to his feet, took the gown someone offered him and walked away. Jago let out a little laugh. Just for a moment, he’d thought… He'd let himself get carried away. Too far into the zone. He knew he was a fool but it made it easier if he pretended every set-up was real, every scene was real, that it was his first time, that the guy he was with really wanted him. Dev had played along without needing to be told. He’d been in the zone. And Jago wished that wasn’t the case.

Unlike most other porn actors who held their real selves tight to their hearts, Jago laid his bare. This world wasn’t for him. His first and last time. He’d thought he could do it, just to get enough money to buy one thing that he wanted. Something nice to open on Christmas morning, even if he’d wrapped it himself. It would be the only present he’d have.

Well, he’d done it but the price he’d paid was too high.

He took the money offered, though a little part of him had not wanted to. But what was done, was done.

Scene Five

Out of the zone

As Jago walked home, it really did start to snow and he gave a little sigh. It had been a mistake to let himself get so deep. He’d never seen a career in porn films in his life and he still didn’t. Not until a few days ago when he’d been approached by one of Tony’s assistants who’d offered him too much money to turn down. He’d taken Jago’s picture and a few hours later, Jago had a call saying he’d been chosen. Instructions for what he had to do were explicit, starting with looking in the cake shop window.

The no condom thing had taken him by surprise because he hadn’t agreed to that. He was stupid. He’d gotten carried away and he should have fucking walked away but he hadn’t. He’d get PEP medication tomorrow, just in case. Oh God. And Dev had actually cut him. Not deeply but still… When he’d tugged on his clothes, he’d winced at the deep scratches left on his stomach and shoulders.

Having sex with a stranger had been made easier by pretending it was more than that but it just made it harder to return to reality. One crummy bedsit ahead. One microwave risotto in front of the TV. One Christmas decoration, a branch he’d painted white, hung with snowflakes he’d cut out of paper. On Christmas morning, he’d open his music player—once he’d bought it and wrapped it—and remember what he’d done to get it. Oh fuck. I don’t want it anymore.

As he trudged home, it occurred to him that his arm hadn’t twitched for hours and he almost slipped in the thin layer of snow. Wow! Could it possibly have gone for good? And he’d not stuttered either.

Jago turned the corner, his bedsit metres away, and skidded to a halt. Dev stood there in his white shirt and jeans. Barefoot in the snow. What the hell?

“You chose me.” Dev smiled and held out his hand.

Were they still filming? Jago had been told never to look for the camera but…

“You want me?” Jago whispered.

“When I shouldn’t.”

“Why shouldn’t you?”

“Because I’m the Raven King. My mate should not be a mortal.”

Is he…sane?

Dev’s hand remained outstretched but his smile was fading. “You chose me,” he repeated but with less conviction.

Jago stepped forward. Dev’s vulnerability had swayed him when force would have failed. Well, it probably wouldn’t have but…

“Was it you who stopped me twitching and stuttering?”

“Those things were nothing to me but a lot to you. You were as perfect with them as you are without them.”

Jago smiled his biggest, happiest smile and walked into Dev’s arms. As wings wrapped around him, the world faded into mist and he closed his eyes. Safe. Home.

“Welcome to Faeryland,” Dev whispered.

Jago opened his eyes to find himself flying over a new world and gasped for joy. This was the best Christmas present ever.

The End

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Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year!


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