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Christmas too early!

Or too late as the case may be! I set off to write a Christmas story last October. It was supposed to be short, it turned out to be long - I am rather predictable in that regard. So I have to wait until 1st November to publish it because it really is very Christmassy and isn't going to work in the middle of a


The blurb isn't yet finalised but it will be something close to this - I think. It's an MMM - my first ever. There is no arguing, no odd guy out. The conflict is external to their relationship!

A Faerie Story

Tormented and abused by his favoured, insanely jealous twin brother, Kaegan’s only hope of living the life he wants is to escape Faerieland for Inverkillen, his secret utopia. Leaving Faerieland is forbidden, punishable by death, and using his powerful magic to sustain his creation risks discovery, but Kaegan doesn’t care. He has nothing to lose. Inverkillen has everything he could possibly want—if he could find someone to share it with.

A chance meeting with a handsome stranger enables Aiden to finally pluck up the courage to break up with his abusive boyfriend. But, fate, like life, has never been his friend. Not only does Aiden end up broken and bruised, his ex has one last surprise in store. Aiden’s chance has gone. Or has it? Could fate be having a change of heart, be responsible for the discovery that has Aiden taking a risk for once in his life and heading towards the unknown, towards a place called Inverkillen? After all, what does he have to lose?

Pascal has turned messing up into an art form. Annoyed with himself and shunned by his family, he’s contemplating his rather dismal options when a surreal rooftop encounter with a sexy guy leads to a night of passion. But the morning after, all he’s left with are vague whispers of sex and sin and snow, and a strange compulsion to head to a place called Inverkillen, somewhere deep in the Scottish Highlands. Pascal’s alone and unwanted, with no one to miss him, and nothing to lose, so why the hell not?

One crazy faerie story with a happy ever after.


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