• Barbara Elsborg

Almost there

I have SO neglected you, my little blog. I'm sorry. I've been ill since the middle of December and I'm only just shaking the virus off.

BUT - my next book is now three quarters done. Maybe more than that. It's my first MMM - a paranormal. I found The Story of Us - a hard book to follow. I needed to write something completely different - something that couldn't really be compared to my last book - and I hope I'm managing that.

It has no title - well colour me surprised. I've hovered between - The House of Secrets, Winter Wonderland, Snow World and none of those are right so I'll keep thinking. No blurb yet either but this is the story of three men from very different backgrounds who have demons to fight - er not literally - but you never know! I've not done yet.

The guy below is close to one of my characters - though my faery has blue tipped hair!


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