• Barbara Elsborg

It's almost done!

At 154,000 words the story is almost done. I'm now tweaking to add in suggestions of Beta readers - or to address their comments. It's long. Longer than I'd thought it would be but I hope readers will feel those extra words are worth it. I could have made it two books but it does work better as one and I HATE cliffhangers - so there we are! I'm guessing early November for a release date. I have to give blogs a month's notice if I have any chance of a review. I fear many will look at the length and turn it down. I'm still struggling for a title (don't mention blurb - it's a dirty word) but I think it will be The Story of Us. Not liked by all betas but it does fit this story that spans 10 summers!

On another topic, I am about to put my first book - The Consolation Prize - on Radish which is a platform that serializes stories to be read in short bursts on phones. I've rejigged the chapter lengths and all I need is time to work out what to do next. There are no enough hours in the day!


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