• Barbara Elsborg

A loooooong book

On May the 13th I'd written 9,000 words. As of today, I'm at 116,000. I've written a couple of ultra long books in my time - AND chopped them down to size. Chosen was one. The other Crossing the Line that weighed in at 160,000 at one point.

But the current book - still not sure of the title - I'd hoped for something like Ten Summers but that might not work - is going to be around 140,000 - at a guess.

The main characters start as 14/15 year olds and by 2018 they are only 21/22. Looks like I've written a NA book accidentally. Oops.

My normal method of giving characters back story is to weave it in throughout the tale. This time, I've told it in real time because it's too strong and powerful to be slotted in in bits. I do realise that some readers (and I'd be one of them) will say - I have no interest in reading about teenagers. But I hope when it's done - you'll give it a try. You can always download a sample and see what you think!


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