• Barbara Elsborg

A new beginning

I'm 9,000 words into a new story. It's going to have a very different structure to the ones I usually write. It starts when my protagonists are 14 years old. So I have to research the life of 14 year olds in 2004. Not as easy as it might sound. Music was my first hurdle. What were 14 year olds listening to in 2004? Then I realised my MP3 player had the answer all along because I'm still listening to songs from that time. LOL A bigger hurdle is language. Slang. Were things 'cool' then? Did 14 year olds describe things as fantastic? Great? Brill? I'm having to Google all the time to check. Then I get distracted and end up reading totally unrelated articles on a variety of subjects. It's a miracle I reached 9,000 words!

For once - and it's rare for me - this book is set in the summer. Not just one summer. A lot of them. The title will be - maybe Four Summers, or Five Summers, or six or seven - I don't know yet. How many summers in 100,000 words?


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