• Barbara Elsborg

Back at school

It's stuck me more and more that participating on Facebook is just like being at school. Bitchy comments made behind people's backs. Endless moaning. You're either with the in crowd or you're not. You make an effort and it's largely ignored, you try your best to fit in and yet you somehow don't. Well, that was me at school- though I never made bitchy comments and I don't know if they were ever made about me, and I was never part of the in crowd.

But every post on FB that lists - my favourite authors - sends chills down my spine. Do authors that start these posts not think how it must feel to the many authors who never make the list?? I sometimes see my name, but more often don't. And it hurts.

I could NEVER list all the authors I love. I do have some that are auto buys but I'd never name the ones who write in the same genre as me. This is NOT a moan about not getting enough love, readers, reviews etc. Not really even about making it onto those lists. I know I'll never set the world alight with my writing but it does light up my world and I am happy with that.

But FB is too much - I'm your friend - see. Love me and I'll love you back. I think I need to stop bothering with it because all it does is drive me down. I doubt anyone will read this so I can say what I like without fear! Not true on FB!

When I realise the lack of impact I have there, so few comments on posts or even likes, I seriously need to rethink whether I should be on it or not. I'm going to try to not look at it for a week and see if anyone wonders where I am. My guess - no one will notice. LOL


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