• Barbara Elsborg

Starting a book

When I start writing a new book, I don't have a fixed plan in mind. I might not even have a title. I do have the names of the main players and a rough idea of what the story will be about - but that's it. Nothing is planned. Every day when I sit at my laptop - I have no idea where the story will lead me. It's an adventure.

The downside is that the first few chapters are difficult to write. I have to backtrack all the time to add detail and layers.

I'm now at chapter 8 in my latest story - an MM called - More To Life. Well, it has that as a working title but it won't necessarily be that. It feels as though it's taken me ages to get here and I'm still struggling a little to feel confident the whole is working.

But a teaser of what it's about - an archangel's assassin, West, meets a guy who has no memory earlier than 2 months ago, Tao. Here's how I imagine the two look. But even that is subject to change!


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