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Autism Awareness Blog Hop

I'm part of RJ Scott's autism Blog Hop, trying to raise awareness of autism! This link shows all the authors involved, many of whom, including me, are offering an ebook from our backlist to a randomly chosen commentator.

I've had several characters on the autistic spectrum featuring in my stories and my latest release, Dirty Games, has a autistic guy called River who is the brother of one of the heroes. River's current obsession is with clouds and I did a lot of research into obsessive behaviour because it struck me that drug addiction might be a risk for those who are obsessive-compulsive. While River isn't an addict, one of my other characters is.

I assumed that getting addicted to drugs would be less likely for someone who's autistic because they have such tight control of their lives though research has shown that those on the autistic spectrum are no more or less likely to become addicted to pot or alcohol than any other person. BUT once they start down that route, they are more likely to become addicted because of their personality traits. Gosh, as if there wasn't enough in life to cope with. Treating substance abuse when someone has any degree of autism is a challenge because the usual methods of group sessions etc present a challenge in themselves.

It became an area too complex for me to tackle in this story but it gave me renewed awareness of the additional problems faced by those who are autistic.


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