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I've been up to my neck trying to revise and reformat books that are coming back under my control. 16 or so from Ellora's Cave and 8 from Samhain shortly. I've done all the Samhain ones but it's slower going on the others. All the books will have to have new covers.

I have SUCH good friends. B4Jay from Facebook, T.T. Kove a fellow author, and my faithful beta reader - Rita who's worked hard to get me the help I needed. Nor can I forget all those people on FB who offered words of advice when I got stuck. A special thanks to Walton from the Createspace community whose expertise solved a particular problem with one file.

Phew - that was a lot of thanks!

And I'm not forgetting to thank my readers either - those who've been with me a while and those I hope will take a look at my stories. I'm revamping the very old ones so they'll be a little different to read. The Samhain ones are virtually the same though I did add an epilogue to one. (can I remember which one? No.) I hope you like the new covers once you see them!


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