• Barbara Elsborg

How useful are reviews?

As I'm revising Lucy in the Sky - I thought - go look at the negative reviews so that if there is something that I recognise as an issue, I can try and improve it.

So are these comments useful?

1. Terrible narrative. The author's purpose is usually hetter (sic)

I have no idea what this means.

2. This story is disconnected and it's like the writer uses the resolution of the story to tie up loose ends and totally explain the plot ... Plus when I went back and read what the book is supposed to be about, it's as confusing to what actually happens. It took me picking this back up to read it 5 times before I actually got thru it. PLUS I would return it if I could... Not one I want in my digital library....

Hmm - well I do like to tie up loose ends. Nothing that I can work with here.

3. There wasn't enough background information about the alien culture that Lucy was introduced to, and Three's character seemed underdeveloped.

No one else said this. My story was more about the developing love between Three and Lucy than anything else. And it's hard to develop Three's character when he's a - well - that gives too much away.

So in conclusion - I don't think there is much to change. I actually enjoyed rereading this and I rarely enjoy it this much. But I do value all reviews and rest assured - if someone spots something major, I want to know about it!


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